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Salem Music Network is the industry leader in satellite-delivered, Christian music radio. Stations working with Salem enjoy top talent, strategic music rotations, consistent quality, and support for local initiatives. Best of all, you maintain your own local brand image. Salem is here to help you succeed in your market.

Satellite Delivery - Your station will need to have a satellite system that includes a satellite dish with the appropriate C-band LNB, a Wegener 6420 series receiver, audio switcher, and a professional automation system. Our satellite is SES-2 and operates in the C-band frequency. This allows our system to continue its broadcast outside of any rain fade effects that may interrupt higher frequency signals like Ku-Band. Our satellite feed will include both the audio and relay tones to allow your station to sound "Live and Local".

FTP Delivery - Some Salem shows are now available to download by ftp. Content without music can be downloaded and used in a station’s locally programmed music, and can even span different musical formats. Shows such as Keep The Faith™ with Penny and Night Light™ with Andrea are perfect for stations who may be voice tracking due to budget constraints. Great talent, top quality content, and more local control are all benefits of ftp delivery. Shows are available on a market-exclusive basis.

Live and Local - Many radio programmers believe that simply being local is enough to succeed. However, "local" is not enough, and great local talent is hard to find and expensive to retain! The truth is, Great radio is how you will win the hearts of listeners in your market as you play the right music, and share about the things that matter most to them in a relatable and entertaining way. Salem Music Network wants to help your station become THE source for Christian music in your market. Your station can still feel local with the added benefit of the right music rotations and content. You can even leave the network as needed to implement local programming.

Music - Playing the right music in the right rotation is the most critical thing your station will do every day. You have to be able to play the music that will keep your listeners engaged. With the number of digital listening options available to your audience, you have to win with every song. Salem Music Network invests significant time and money researching the songs that your listeners want to hear. As a bonus, we mention the song title and artist at the end of each song so your listeners will stay engaged to your station. We also make streaming our music online easy with embedded data so your song title and artist information will appear on your streaming player.

Artists - No one will give you greater access to your listener’s favorite artists than Salem Music Network. Since we broadcast from Nashville, TN, we have unparalleled access to the top artists. We have the opportunity to invite artists to come into the studio for entertaining co-hosting opportunities, and we even have Christian artist Jaci Velasquez as part of the morning show team! These fun artist segments will give you the large station sound you want no matter the size of your signal.

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