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Salem Music Network has experienced success at the highest level because we have helped more Christian stations become a success in their local markets. In association with our parent group, Salem Radio Network, we have spent more time and effort ensuring that our network will provide you and your station service 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

How do maintain that promise? First, we have invested in one of the most reliable systems that utilizes C-band technology. Where other networks have failed to invest in a reliable system, we can provide assurance as to the reliability of our system. Also, we are continuing to research and to invest in technology that will improve the delivery of our music networks. We have made major announcements recently on upgrades that will allow your station to customize our content to meet your needs.

Second, our technical support staff has logged thousands of hours maintaining our network system, as well as the operation of local stations. Carl Campbell, Salem Music Network’s Chief Engineer, has provided expert assistance to more than 400 stations over the last ten years as they have partnered with our network services. That means that we have the expertise to guide you through the transition as you begin a relationship with Salem Music Network. Don’t Worry! We will be here to assist you as you continue with our network for many years.

If you are an affiliate in need of technical assistance:

Call Engineering 615-367-2210 x 7059


Call Affiliate Relations at 615-367-2210 x 7033

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